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New Florida Law Raises Roof Replacement Costs

Beginning October 1, the costs to replace a roof in Florida are expected to rise by at least 25% – and even more if you live in a coastal community. The increase in cost is due to a new law the state Legislature passed in May that increases the building code requirements to help strengthen homes against hurricanes.

Experts agree that adding such new protections can only help, but builders, consumers and insurance companies are seeking clarity. Liability issues and insurance discounts top the lists of concerns. In addition, some of the new requirements are structural in nature and most roofing companies are not certified to perform those types of changes. They will require the hiring of a general contractor and that is sure to drive the costs up even more. While the goal of the new law was to have all roofs in Florida meet the new standards over the next 15 years, the process and the associated costs were basically left to chance. In essence, it looks again as though the folks in Tallahassee wanted to show their constituents they were making an effort to change things for the better without taking into consideration the consequences of what they were imposing in the process.

Under the new law’s requirements, roofers must ensure the following:

  • Roof deck attachments and fasteners must be strengthened and/or corrected.
  • Secondary water barriers are now required.
  • If the insured value of the house is $300K and it is in a coastal wind-borne debris region, roof to wall connections must be enhanced. Estimated costs are an additional 15% above the re-roof price.
  • There is no simple formula for insurance discounts once the repairs are made. Discount amounts are expected to vary based on how close the home is to the coast and the surrounding terrain.

Unfortunately, there are no grants or assistance available at this time for those who can’t afford the costs. The question arises, how many folks will just go without and what will those consequences be?

D.S. Killian General Contractors
3948 S. 3rd St. Suite 122, Jacksonville, FL 32250
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